Current Issue

Volume 51, Number 1, Spring 2019

Special Issue:

Fifty Years of Studies in the Novel: A Look Back



Everything Old Is Novel Again—Nora Gilbert


Articles with Introductions


Introduction: Michel Fabre’s Capacious Intelligence—WALTON MUYUMBA 

Richard Wright: The Man Who Lived Underground (1971)—MICHEL FABRE

Introduction: Caste as Indian: The Anglophone Critic and the Question of National Identity—PRIYAMVADA GOPAL 

The Indian Novel in English: A Search for Identity (1972)—K. S. NARAYANA RAO

Introduction: Jane Austen and the Sex-Positive Novel—DEIDRE LYNCH

“A Pair of Fine Eyes”: Jane Austen’s Treatment of Sex (1975)—ALICE CHANDLER

Introduction: An Imaginary Paradise of Individuals—ANNETTE FEDERICO

A Perspective of One’s Own: Thomas Hardy and the Elusive Sue Bridehead (1980)—ELIZABETH LANGLAND

Introduction: Recuperating Romance: Reading Lennox Reading Shakespeare—ALBERT J. RIVERO 

Shakespeare’s Novels: Charlotte Lennox Illustrated (1987)—MARGARET ANNE DOODY

Introduction: Ulysses, Gabler, and Kidd: The Personal Note—MARK WOLLAEGER 

A Special Issue on Editing Ulysses (1990)—CHARLES ROSSMAN

Introduction: The Place of the Novel in Reparative Reading—DOROTHY J. HALE 

Queerer than Fiction (1996)—EVE KOSOFSKY SEDGWICK 

Introduction: The Visual Origins of the Material Turn—GABRIEL CERVANTES 

Prefiguring Genre: Frontispiece Portraits from Gulliver’s Travels to Millenium Hall (1998)—JANINE BARCHAS

Introduction: Trauma, History, the Indigenous Novel, and the Now—ANGELA CALCATERRA 

The Trans/historicity of Trauma in Jeanette Armstrong’s Slash and Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer (2008)—NANCY VAN STYVENDALE

Introduction: Cormac McCarthy for the Ages—TIMOTHY PARRISH 

Cormac McCarthy's The Road as Apocalyptic Grail Narrative (2011)—LYDIA R. COOPER