Recent Issue

Volume 52, Number 3, Fall 2020



Loneliness and the Affective Imperative of the Marriage Plot in Jane Austen's Emma - BARBARA K. SEEBER

Melville's Mortuary Pedagogy: The Sapiential Epitaph and the Wisdom of Solomon - MATTHEW SMALLEY

The Novel's Promise: George Eliot's Skepticism - MAXWELL SATER

Sex in a Warming World: Lady Chatterley's Lover as Fossil Fuel Fiction - STEWART COLE

Allusion, Quotation, and Pastiche in Younghill Kang's The Grass Roof and East Goes West - JANE IM

Prisoners of Shakespeare: Trauma and Adaptation in Atwood's Hag-Seed - PAUL JOSEPH ZAJAC



CLARE, RALPH, ed. The Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace. - VERNON W. CISNEY

FARR, JASON S. Novel Bodies: Disability and Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century British Literature. - JEREMY CHOW

FREEMAN, ELIZABETH. Beside You in Time: Sense Methods and Queer Sociabilities in the American Nineteenth Century. - SARAH E. CHINN

GOVIND, NIKHIL. Inlays of Subjectivity: Affect and Action in Modern Indian Literature- RAJGOPAL SAIKUMAR

HAVENS, HILARY. Revising the Eighteenth-Century Novel: Authorship from Manuscript to Print- GEORGE JUSTICE

MCCARTHY, CONOR. Outlaws and Spies: Legal Exclusion in Law and Literature- KELSEY KISER

MULLEN, MARY L. Novel Institutions: Anachronism, Irish Novels, and Nineteenth-Century Realism- RENEE FOX

PFISTER, JOEL. Surveyors of Customs: American Literature as Cultural Analysis- DAVID LAWRIMORE 

POCH, DANIEL. Licentious Fictions: Ninjo and the Nineteenth-Century Japanese Novel. - BRIAN DOWDLE

SCHALK, SAMI. Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women's Speculative Fiction. - CONSTANCE R. BAILEY

SHEEHAN, ELIZABETH M. Modernism a la Mode: Fashion and the Ends of Literature. - LISE SHAPIRO SANDERS

SNAZA, NATHAN. Animate Literacies: Literature, Affect, and the Politics of Humanism. - ERICA FRETWELL