Volume 3

3.1—SPRING 1971


“Revenge and Wuthering Heights”—Thomas Vargish, p. 7
“A Dickensian Hero Retailored: The Carlylean Appreticeship of Martin Chuzzlewit”—Allan C. Christensen, p. 18
“The Yellow-Dog Incident in Conrad’s Lord Jim”—Kenneth Newell, p. 26
“Nicole Warren Diver and Scott Fitzgerald: The Girl and the Egotist”—Tom C. Coleman, III, p. 34
“Anthony Powell: Some Notes on the Art of the Sequence Novel”—Dan McLeod, p. 44
“The Moral Structure of Catch-22”—Thomas Blues, p. 64
An Interview in Austin with John Lehmann, p. 80
“The Literary Ancestry of Flaubert’s Hippolyte”—Melvin D. Palmer, p. 97
“Chateau Borel, Pétrus Borel, and Conrad’s Under Western Eyes”—David Leon Higdon, p. 99

Review Essays:

“In Praise of Sir Walter”—Edward Wagenknecht, p. 103
“Three Studies of Virginia Woolf”—David Leon Higdon, p. 108


Baetzhold, Mark Twain and John Bull: The British Connection and Geismar, Mark Twain: An American Prophet—Clyde Grimm, p. 118
Dillingham, Frank Norris: Instinct and Art—D. B. Graham, p. 122
Hall, The Lunatic Giant—Robert K. Morris, p. 123
Russell, Anthony Powell: A Quintet, Sextet, and War—Peter Wolfe, p. 126
Seelye, Melville: The Ironic Diagram—Lauriat Lane, Jr., p. 128

3.2—SUMMER 1971

American Negro Novelists Special Number


“Mau-Mauing the Literary Establishment”—John V. Hagopian, p. 135
“The Sons of Ham”—Albert Gérard, p. 148
“Richard Wright: The Man Who Lived Underground”—Michel Fabre, p. 165
“The Black Revolutionary Novel: 1899–1969”—Charles D. Peavy, p. 180
“The Aggregate Man in Jean Toomer’s Cane”—William C. Fischer, p. 190
“A Note on Ishmael Reed: Revolutionary Novelist”—Nick Aaron Ford, p. 216
“A Checklist of Books and Essays About American Negro Novelists”—Robert E. McDowell and George Fortenberry, p. 219

3.3—FALL 1971


“Theme and Structure in Pamela”—Donald E. Morton, p. 242
“Peregrine Pickle: The Complete Satirist”—David L. Evans, p. 258
“The ‘Foreign Philanthropy Question’ in Bleak House: A Carlylean Influence”—Rodger L. Tarr, p. 275
“History and Archetype in The Mayor of Casterbridge”—Seymour Migdal, p. 284
“The Sanctioned Rebel”—Judith Fetterley, p. 293
“The Conclusion of Sons and Lovers: A Reconsideration”—Donald E. Mortland, p. 305
An Interview in Florida with Erskine Caldwell—p. 316

Review Essay:

“‘Spiritual Activism’ and ‘Radical Sophistication’ in the Contemporary American Novel”—M. Gilbert Porter, p. 332


Biles, Talk: Conversations with William Golding—Bernard Oldsey, p. 346
Reck, Literature and Responsibility—Verena Conley, p. 348
Stern, The Golden Moment: The Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald—Harry T. Moore, p. 350

3.4—WINTER 1971

Twetieth Century British Novel Special Number


“Well Beyond Laughter: Directions from Fifties’ Comic Fiction”—James Gindin, p. 357
“The Jamesian Legacy in The Good Soldier”—John Tytell, p. 365
Cards of Identity and the Satiric Mode”—James Olney, p. 374
“The Lion and the Unicorn: Angus Wilson’s Triumphant Tragedy”—Jean Sudrann, p. 390
“Contributions to Night and Day by Elizabeth Bowen, Graham Greene, and Anthony Powell”—Robert Murray Davis, p. 401
An Interview in New York with Walter Allan—p. 405